For me, Ideate Innovate and disrupt are three different needed activities that must take place in the work environment. All of those three activities are positive forces that push organizations from stability and stagnation into a better future.

Ideate is the activity of coming with new ideas or technologies that can improve a business process or create a new business process that will improve the business effciancies, revenue or profit.

Innovate is the activity of creating new technology or new business process that will create new revenues or new ways to increase profit.

Disruption is the activity of creating new technology or new business process that will create a significant competitive advantage by introducing a new process or technology that will change how business is being done currently and force competitors to spend a long time to adjust to and fill the gap.

An example for ideate will be a production line worker that find a new and efficient way how to screw bolts into the car body. When someone came with the idea to replace the production line worker with a robot, that was an innovation. When Toyota introduced the Toyota production system, that was a disruption that enables Toyota to take the lead in the industry for a long time.

If we will depict those three activities as a pyramid. The base will be Ideate, as most of the activities related to creating a better future for an organization. Above Ideate we will find a smaller layer of Innovate and the tip of the pyramid (that most of the time will be too small to see) will be the disruption.

Increasing Ideate, Innovate and disrupt required companies to change the current management system and make the doers (employees) thinkers again by introducing self-managed and self-organized teams.

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