People will always strive for order. If you gather ten or one hundred or one thousand or even more people in one location or even multiple locations, an order will emerge after a while. If you want to see it in action, watch Lauren Carpenter experiment. Part of this order will be the emergent of one or several leaders for many reasons. Leaders will motivate people and organize work. If you watched the video, you might hear several people voices that where lauder of the rest, they might be the leaders.

In most of the discussions that I have people think that #NoHierarchy organizations are anarchy, and they are missing leaders. Both of those statements contradicted to reality. There is order in non-hierarchial systems, sometimes more order than in hierarchical system and there are leaders! Those two are the basic need of human to protect themselves as a society against the chaotic environment we are living in.

The main difference between hierarchical and non-hierarchial systems is that the first one (hierarchy) is created and based on artificial order and artificial leadership (AKA management), while the non-hierarchial order and leadership emerged after a while. When order and leadership appear naturally, they are more accepted and followed. They feel natural, and they will be different from group to group, depending on the group members.

Most of your social networks (except work) are non-hierarchial. In those networks, order and leadership emerged, and they keep on changing all the time. No one nominates the leader in any group of friends that you are part of, but there is one. No one appoints the leader of your extended family, but we all know who is the one. If you are part of a church, sports group, or many other groups; the same applies, orders and leaders emerge naturally.

Now take a second and think. In which type of group you feel better, and you enjoy more? Is it the one with artificial order and leadership or it is the natural one? Once you reach your conclusion and if it the natural one, join us to change organization order and leadership!

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