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How to model mental models in Insight maker?

Mental models are one of the leading causes of many problems and conflicts at work. Being able to depict a simple mental model can be very beneficial in identifying and communicating how different mental models cause a challenge. Let’s start with the definition of mental models when we are trying to identify the causes of

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Implementing delays using InsightMaker in Stocks & Flows diagrams

This video explains how to create a delay in stock and a delay in a flow with InsightMaker. Delays are very common in business and it’s important to model them and take them into account when running simulations.  It’s very easy to implement those delays. For some reason, the documentation is not straight forward, so

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Using Causal diagrams, Stock and Flows diagrams, and simulation to resolve purchasing contracts challenge

An example of how to resolve a common contract processing problem by using causal diagrams and stocks and flows diagrams and simulations to see the problem in a different way and detect the root cause.  We will demonstrate how to create a simple causal diagram, how to read it and how to use archetypes to

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Agent-Bases Modeling (ABM) and Warriors, Hunters, Farmers or Shepherds

Using Agent-Bases Modeling (ABM) to model and view how different types of people will impact a business. Warriors, Hunters, Farmers or Shepherds is a known business model based on four-employee types. Have you ever wonder what is the right combination of those types for you?  This Agent-based model simulation enables you to define the size

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Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) – Personalities and longevity

This Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) developed by Galaxies to depict the impact of few or more personalities on groups. It follows very simple roles of attracting and repelling between 3 personalities and shows amazing results when the model runs with 2 or 3 personalities. This model meant to show the importance of personality diversity in any

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Agent-Based Modeling – Connecting Agents

After we create agents, change their state and move them, it’s time also to connect agents. In some scenarios, connections can be beneficial to understand and resolve certain realities depicted in a model. This post takes into account that you read and exercises all my previous posts in InsightMaker. You can find a reference to

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