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What causes a revolving door position and how to prevent them?

Every department in most organizations has at least a revolving door position. Those are the position that already filled by several people in a relatively short time and for some reason, the hiring manager is still looking for the right person to fill the position. In some weird and magical way most of the people that

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What causes most projects to fail and how we can leverage interlinks to improve project success.

Projects are probably the best example of the failure of current problem-solving methods to resolve complex problems. For the least 20 years (if not even more) majority (around 70%) of projects fail. Projects are creating the company’s future, therefore, there was a lot of emphasis to use different problem-solving and project methods to improve project’s execution

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Utilizing science, frameworks and modern concepts we take a unique deep dive into your organization and discover where the best opportunities are to cut stagnation and increase agility and profitability. People are predictable compared to the interlinks they form with others, which tend to be capricious. During our years of senior management at very large organizations,

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What prevents many companies from achieving long-lasting customer satisfaction and how it can be mitigated?

Customer satisfaction is a result of agility. Customers see service and product providers as one entity. They don’t care and don’t want to know how the company structured, what each department responsible for, and who they contact to inform about a problem. Customers expect a fast response that will resolve their problems. They don’t want to

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Our Black Friday Deal

My name is Natty Gur, founder of Galaxies.I want to offer personally your leadership team a one-day workshop for the price of $100! My name is Natty Gur, founder of Galaxies.I want to offer personally your leadership team a one-day workshop for the price of $100! You will see that this workshop will improve your

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What causes the common perception that people shy away from tough decisions and how to resolve it?

One of the common challenges is the complaint about the lack of ability to make tough decisions. You’ll hear it most of the time from people that impact from the decision with a comment that they could decide faster. Rarely but consistently, you’ll hear the same complaint from management, usually executive. The common perception is that the disability

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