The longer the duration between cause and results, the harder for our brain to connect those dots

As more and more time elapsed between the result that we see now and the cause that happened in the past, the harder is to connect the real cause to the current results. Instead, most of us will take the first symptom of the problem and turn it into the cause. The result of this approach is a repetition of the same issue. Resolving a symptom won’t fix the cause of a problem.

The impact of unclear responsibilities and expectations on people and work

This post tries to summarize all the negative impacts of not having clear responsibilities and expectations for individuals in a team or a company. Communication70% of employees are avoiding difficult conversations with their boss, colleagues, or direct reports. Workplace health is suffering as a result ( Unclear roles and responsibilities impact communication within a group and a company. Communication is clearer when it is clear who is responsible for what, what we can expect from him, Read more…

Why do we need to invest to provide clarity and visibility for responsibilities and expectations?

There are two main motivations: 1) Workplace Conflict Costs $359 Billion (According to Science. It also causes confusion, pressure and frustration for people. 2) Roles & Responsibilities enables effective communications between the various groups, facilitating the full integration of the department and organization. Effective communication is the most common employee complaint.

Change management time will grow exponentially depending on the number of people and connections between them.

People think there is a linear logic in the complexity of project and time to complete based on the number of people that need to be impacted. If it took me two days to change two people, it will take me 20 days to change 20 people. In reality, the complexity and time will grow exponentially. The number of people power by the average number of connections an individual have will give you a good indication of complexity Read more…