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How from order does complexity emerge? Part 1 – Attractors

Complexity does not appear without any reason. There are signs and forces, such as attractors that can indicate and explain how complexity created. The goal of this series of posts is to explain in plain business English (well, in my English :-)) how complexity arises from very stable and order organizations. I hope that this

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Three steps to survive and thrive in times complexity and uncertainty

Three steps are essential to creating an organization bettered prepared to proactively respond to complexity and uncertainty rather than simply reacting to them. There are specific steppingstones you can use to improve an organization’s ability to respond to change. We will share the top three which do not need to be taken in any particular

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Resolving complex problems – setting a scope

One of the main challenges with complex problems is the sheer amount of interlinks between different elements that taking part in the problem domain. In the business world, it will be the interlinks between people, groups, management artifacts (policies, structure, roles & responsibilities, processes, incentives, etc). Those interlinks create many connections between people, teams, groups,

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