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Bottom-Up Change Management

Fifteen years as a leader for different teams I noticed the need for change management and the low success rate for change management. Regretfully nothing has changed. The failure rate of change management still remains at 70%. Yet, the same advice and messages about the right ways do change management. What other proof is needed

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Variety and complexity.

Complexity is actually a good sign for success in competition. Success in competition is the ability to increase company variety. Complexity is a buy product of variety.  In this video, Natty Gur explain who those two connected and what is the best approach to deal with complexity.

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Root causes and symptoms of a problem

When resolving a problem one of the most difficult tasks is to find the root causes. Many times people see a symptom and make it the root cause. This mistake ends up with the same problem appearing again.  In this video, I’m trying to explain the difference between root causes and symptoms by providing a

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Three Principles of Continuous Improvement

Those three principles are crucial for successful continuous improvement in organizations: 1) There is always something to improve. 2) CI is part of the daily activities performed by everyone. 3) It becomes a mindset, not a process or framework.

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