We are uncovering better ways of structuring and managing organizations to increase their lifespan in a continuously evolving, complex business environment and by making them a better working environment for human beings. We are accomplishing our goal by practicing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value and prefer:


Decentralization and distribution of decision making and execution instead of central authority and distributing orders.

Self-organized teams operating under full autonomy instead of rigid central designed groups with assigned participants.

Sharp purpose for every group and function derived from clear organizational goals instead of fuzzy goals and managerial instructions.

Hybrid teams resourced with all the required expertise needed to establish and maintain a clear and unified purpose instead of silos (departments) driven by their own organizationally disjointed purposes.

Feedback loops from all levels of the business environment feeding directly to relevant teams instead of steering committees and boards attempting to understand and translate market needs and trends with limited intellectual capital.

Focus on emergent properties and increasing business variety to deal with complexity, risks and failures instead of concentrating on individual responsibility and blame tactics.

Natty Gur

John Tyce

 Kerry Topp

 Itzik Shoshan

Mikael Freidlitz

Florent Musset

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