We tunneled the dissatisfaction we had from the depth, lack usage of modern approaches, cost and applicability of deliverable to a new holistic approach of Management Consulting

Our Benefit

  • Executable and actionable plan done by people with implementation experience

  • Advises that taken into account the near future
  • Following ISO 20700 (Management Consulting standard) as a guideline, adjust and adapt when needed

  • A different, more customer focus approach, for contracting and execution steps

  • Starting with modern concepts such as Chaos Theory, Complex System and System Thinking to find business issues. Using classic industry analysis when needed

  • Using internal and external tools,

  • Exceptional Innovative - Check our new management system and our blog
  • Fair and transparent charging model - Read our principles
  • Intimate familiarity with Information System

Our Method

  • Leveraging System Thinking and other cutting edge concepts for in depth synthesis
  • Agile and interactive with you
  • Distinguish between symptoms and the root cause of the given problem.
  1. Understand the business challenge (Contracting)
  2. Collecting data (Execution)
    • Business ecosystem and evolution
    • Understanding the people
    • Depicts the challenge as causal loops
    • Depicts the challenge as flow diagrams
    • Computer Model
    • Aggregated interaction
  3. Synthesis (Execution)
    • Identify casual and flow issues
    • Realize symptoms, find root cause
    • Search for leveraging points
  4. Findings & recommendations (Closure)
    • Root cause, symptoms, categories, and cause factors – Galaxies Fishbone
    • Recommended changes and their impact on the business
  5. Let’s start the implementation

    How and where we can help

    • Industries
      • Automotive
      • Gas & Oil
      • Banking
      • Information Technology
      • Retail
      • Wholesale
      • Engineering
    • Services
      • Business Agility
      • Changing management system (Adopting a modern management system)
      • Digital Transformation
      • Information Technology (including Enterprise Architecture)
      • Strategy
      • Change management
      • Leadership development – Providing workshops and coaching to create and prepare your leaders for the future of organizations and work
    • Geographical Locations
      • No limitation. We have experience consulting all over the world.
      • No travelling costs for engagements in Texas.
    • We have experience in 7 industries, We are unbiased with all the rest
    • Want to change your management system, we have unique experience
    • We will be happy to work together with you any place in the world

    Intrigue to see the deliverable of our unique process?

    Our Value proposition:

    The past, present and the future thought us how to understand businesses better and resolve business problems.

    From observing nature, we learned that simple logic and math couldn’t explain complex problems.

    From our mistakes, we discovered that people and groups are the most crucial part of any business.

    We have scars from being different and freethinking, but we manage to get a better understanding and provide solutions where others failed

    This is our journey, do you want to join us?

    Let's find out how our journey can help you

    Call: 781-708-3550
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