How many times have you tried to resolve issues like communication, engagement, complexity and uncertainty or to improve innovation, customer service or differentiation? 

Do you instead find yourself trying to address these issues again and again? Have you ever thought that you might need to use a different approach and system to resolve those issues?

Based on experience and by leveraging non-deterministic approaches such as system thinking, Galaxies can help you to make a difference by providing the following services.

Organization strategy:

  • Organization fitness: Build organizations that survive and thrive in ever-growing business complexity.
  • Culture transformation: Culture is a shadow of a structure. Successful culture transformation starts with a management system and organization structure.
  • People engagement: Transform human behavior from compliant to committed.

Team assessment and optimization:

Assess team readiness for complexity and innovation by focusing on team’s emergent properties and variety.

Leadership development:

Workshops and coaching to create and prepare leaders for the future of organizations and work.

Technology and innovation management:

Leverage innovation and implement modern management systems to maximize digital and information management benefits.

Our difference:

  • We use non-deterministic and non-linear approaches blended with what we learned from using those approaches ourselves to create extraordinarily engaged and motivated people.
  • We learned and can share from the mistakes we made in the past.
  • We are experienced people (professionals) who understand the importance of people to an organization’s success.
  • We get to the root cause of a problem regardless of the time gap between cause and impact or the number of intermediary reasons impacting the results.
  • We think outside of the box but execute well within any defined box, too.We are hard workers who love and believe in what we are doing.

Or just call us - 781-708-3550
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