Changing the world start with taking actions not spreading words!

If you are an ordinary person looking for a standard job in a typical organization to make a living and wait eagerly to be back home to work on what really excited you; this page is not for you!

We are looking for believers, doers, thinkers, dreamers, people who want to make a positive change and fix one of the most common issues in today’s organization: Management and Human Resources(HR).

Galaxies purpose is to positively change the future of organizations and work. We are looking for people who see themselves as thinkers and doers, that want to change the world with actions, who are willing to take a risk to create a new and better future. People that are self-managed, that see the current challenges of today’s organization’s management and HR practices and are willing to take actions to make organizations and work environment better.

Galaxies mission is to create a software platform that will automate current manual HR and management processes to reduce biased and subjective decision making while improving the ability of companies to excel in complex business environments, improve communication, and make innovation a first citizen in organizations.

Galaxies is a decentralized organization that distributes decision making to groups and individuals. An organization that compensates people without limitation, and based on percentages of company profits and functions they are filling. We believe that conflicts needed to be resolved based on merit, that people and organizations need to invest time and effort on self-awareness. If you believe in radical true, transparency and learning from mistakes, we are excited to hear from you.

Galaxies don’t have titles and roles. We expect people to join us and bring their expertise in different domains to make Galaxies as the leading company that not just provide solutions for the future of organization and work, but also provide a living example of such organizations.

Currently, we are looking to increase our development (SaaS solution leveraging Amazon AWS) practice, marketing, and business development.

The following competencies as essential for being a part of our environment:

  • You prefer to work in #NoHierarchy work environment without managers, ranks, and statuses; but you want to be a leader and owner
  • You can manage yourself, yet find others accountable
  • Thinking outside and inside the box comes naturally to you
  • You are self-aware but willing to invest time and effort to increase your self-awareness
  • You are a linchpin, but don’t have any ego
  • You feel comfortable to operate in order, but have the same comfortable with chaos
  • You have experience and knowledge in one proficiency, but want to expand to others by being self-learner
  • You want to improve yourself continuously, yet willing to take risks and make mistakes

Before sending us your data, you might want:
1) To read the below principles of our management system
2) Get more deep and clear knowledge by exploring our Agents guide.

If you find yourself excited, we excited to have you!

You have to be eligible to work in the states to apply.

1 – No central control

  • In contrast to the current
    management system and company structure, we propose
    decentralized, distributed and autonomous system and structure.
  • Decision making and authority distributed to the company’s groups and individuals.

2 – Company is a set of Entities and

  • Entities are a grouping of other entities and function that
    need to work together to reach a common goal (groups in a
    classical organization).
  • Functions are defined behaviors for given
    internal/external events and defined interactions with other
    functions or entities (Duty in the traditional role).

3 – Purpose is the glue

  • Each element in the company must have a purpose that derived
    from the company purpose.

4 – Steered by the environment

  • There shouldn’t be any steering committees or governance body.
    Steering and governance are done by continuous getting feedbacks
    from the company environment.

5 – Clear definition of boundaries

  • Each Entity and Function have a clear definition of their
    responsibilities and artifacts they need to manage.

6 – Feedback loops

  • Each Entity and Function must have 5 metrics that indicate if
    the entity/function progressing toward reaching its goal

7 – People are filling functions

  • People are Agents filling one or many functions in different
  • Agents should fill functions based on their knowledge and

8 – No Silos

  • Entities are set of agents with different expertise and
    experience needed to reach entity purpose.
  • Departments (or silos) of just one type of expertise with
    common experience should be replaced by non-siloed entities.

9 – Compensation based on contribution
and company performance

  • Agents should be compensated based on company performance.
  • Agent compensation should be calculated base on the
    contribution of the functions he is filling.
  • Such compensation model motivates people to collaborate and
    increase company performance.

10 – Agents are following contracts

  • Agents are following predefine contracts.
  • If Agent continuously fails to fulfill contracts or presenting
    negative metrics, he is automatically released from function/s.
  • Other Entity agents are tasks with resolving the new

11 – Agents can define their
contribution level

  • Agents can fill one function that required small dedication to
    several functions that dedicate a lot of dedication.
  • They will be compensated by the contribution of the functions
    she is filling.

12 – Each entity can adopt a
management system that fit agents memes

  • An entity is a collection of agents that have a common human
  • Each entity can adopt a management system that fit agents

13 – Merit base conflict resolution

  • Conflicts should be resolved based on a vote that factor
    people relevant experience and knowledge.

14 – Self-Organized

  • Entities should create their own order as a result of
    interactions between agents.
  • The internal structure of an entity is a result of agents
    interaction and subject to conflict resolution.

15 – Evolving

  • Equilibrium is death for any system, including organization.
  • Each entity must have a dedicated function to ensure an
    ongoing evolvement of the entity.
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